Teach You How To Make A Fairy Garden With A Broken Pot Cheap Price

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For people who play with flowers, they like to make all kinds of plants into a big bonsai, or micro fairy garden, which is not only beautiful but also very fresh. So, do you know how to make micro landscape?

Today, I'm going to share with you how to make micro landscapes or bonsai out of discarded pottery pots. Generally, the pottery pots sold in our family are thrown away directly. In fact, it's a good thing. It's very beautiful to make micro landscapes. What should we prepare?

First of all, I prepared materials such as xiangguanbai, June snow, reticulated grass and asparagus, which are quite common. In addition, there is moss. I saw a lot in my own ditch, so I picked some back. Finally, of course, what I can't lack is pebbles, which can be picked up by the river, and then there is cement for bottoming.

When the materials are ready, start to operate!

First, seal the clay pot with cement. Then, get out a general shape we want to make. What I did that time was the effect of a small pool. If you want to make it like this, please join me!

When we have laid the cement well, we will inlay the pebbles on the cement to play a very good decorative role. We will inlay all around, and then wait for the cement to dry out.

After the cement is completely dried, a thin layer of peat soil can be put on the top of it, and then the prepared cliff type June snow can be planted on the side, and the asparagus can be planted behind the June snow, and the netted grass can be used to increase the vitality of the whole bonsai. Finally, we can lay the prepared moss.

When spreading moss, try to make up every gap. Then, we should pay attention not to expose muddy soil at this time, which will make it more beautiful. Finally, we just put pebbles on the bottom of the basin, and then inject water, which can create a very natural waterscape!

Do you feel very much? And the production is also very simple, so, in the future, don't throw away the rotten pottery pot flower friends. If you have something at home, you might as well hurry to make a bonsai. It's very easy to finish, and it's very beautiful.

Anything you do by yourself will bring you an unexpected surprise. If you buy this kind of thing in the market, it will be hundreds of thousands. But if you do it by yourself, it will be beautiful and cost-effective. Don't mention how nice it is. If you move your heart, try it quickly!

Well, today I'm going to share with you how to make a micro landscape with a worn-out can. I hope you like this sharing!


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