How To Make An Inexpensive Terrarium Fairy Garden

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How To Make An Inexpensive Terrarium Fairy Garden


Tools / Materials
Plant Nutrient Soil
Stone,Gravel or Pebbles


Wash stones and put stones in glassware, do not put them too thin or thick. The stone has the function of separating water and will not cause ponding due to excessive watering, resulting in the damage of plants.


Then add a layer of sphagnum moss. This will stop the potting mix from falling down into the lower layers of charcoal and pebbles.


Plant nutrient soil shall be placed and laid into a certain slope. The difference between the higher and lower parts is relatively high, so increasing the slope is conducive to planting more plants. The planting soil in the foreground is used to fix moss, which shall not be too thick, otherwise it will affect the sense of space.


Clamp the root of the plant with tweezers, insert the plant into the soil at 45 degrees, hold the top of the plant with another one, slowly pull out the tweezers, and finally seal and compact the surrounding of the plant with tweezers.


Plant moss, remove the dirt and arrange it into the correct size, put it into the vessel, gently press it with a long spoon to make it in close contact with the soil, and the moss position should be appropriate 600, otherwise it will be very unnatural.


Sprinkle some beautiful soil in the blank space and wet it, and sprinkle some blue sand in the foreground to create a river effect. Put lovely cartoon tasks or decorations in the appropriate position, which can be laid according to your own ideas, and then carefully wipe off the stains and dust on the bottle.