How To Make A Terrarium Fairy Garden

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Every fairy garden is a fairy tale world. So I prefer to create by myself rather than buy finished products, so that it can be my own fairy tale world. I put it at home, whenever I drag tired body back home, a glance, irritable heart, will become comfortable and slow down.

But how to make a terrarium fairy garden?

Follow me step by step to create a terrarium fairy garden:

Preparation materials:

·Container, volcanic rock, dry water moss, cultivated soil, small green plant, fresh moss, colored sand, jewelry, watering can, etc


1. Pour in a thin layer of light stone or volcanic rock and smooth it. Pay attention to control the thickness of light stone layer

2. Spread a thin layer of water moss, spray water until the water moss is moist, and level the water moss

3. Spread planting soil and adjust the slope according to the landscaping demand (low in front and high in back)

4. Spray the planting soil completely until there is a little water in the light stone layer at the bottom

5. Lay the moss with slight force and stick it tightly to the soil. The first plant or moss can be planted

6. Dig deep hole (as deep as possible) it is suggested that plants should be planted at the back as background

7. Select the plants and trim the withered and yellow branches and leaves

8. If the plant is too large, it can be planted separately. If the root is too long, it can be pruned and cut short

9. Fix the plant and moss with a little force after planting

10. Finally, sprinkle with colored sand and put in decorations

In the end, it’s finished. In fact, the steps of succulent fairy garden are the same, but the later maintenance is different. Succulent is a lazy plant, drought resistant and sunny, which still needs attention.