Caring for Your Fairy Garden : How To Look After A Miniature Moss Fairy Garden

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Many friends bought the micro fairy garden and died almost half a year later, leaving only glassware So how to care for your moss fairy garden?

There are many kinds of moss. At ordinary times, our friends who raise orchids should be particularly familiar with them. They are generally used as paving. Moss prefer shady and well ventilated places. The most important thing is that the air humidity should be high.

Usually after the rain, a lot of green moss will grow in some wet places. If it is maintained, it can also be a good micro landscape. So how to maintain the micro landscape at home?

The maintenance of moss fairy garden requires high water filtration of soil, that is, loose and breathable soil. The most important thing is to have a certain moisturizing effect. Because moss likes the environment with high air humidity, the substrate used has good air permeability and moisture retention. Only by increasing the humidity of the air can it be well maintained.

First, the selection of plant soil

For moss maintenance at home, you can choose red brick particles with pores, rotten wood blocks and some humus soil. Because the root system of moss is very shallow, it is paved on the ground.

As long as there is a little layer of humus, it can grow and provide it with nutrients and water. Therefore, the soil at the bottom of it must be breathable and nutritious. Many professional friends smear red mud reefs on rotten wood blocks and red bricks to make the best breeding material for moss.

Second, watering

When watering the moss, it must be watered, because the permeability of the soil is particularly good, the excess water can penetrate, and it can also absorb enough water and slowly release the air humidity, so as to keep the moss green.

Third, air humidity

The air humidity must be maintained well. When raising moss, you can put it directly in a shallow plate with water. Keeping the plant material moist for a long time will not accumulate water, and the evaporation of water in the shallow plate can increase the air humidity. This method can also be used to raise some other plants with high air humidity.

In addition, it can also spray and moisturize moss regularly. It should be spray rather than water spray. Do not let leaves keep water droplets and prevent bacterial infection. It can be covered with transparent plastic bags or glass covers to keep the soil moist and the air moist.

Fourth, ventilation

Bryophytes are mostly planted in glassware. Although this kind of glassware is beautiful, the ventilation is very poor. Although it is not a big problem for moss, plants like a well ventilated environment. In addition, when planting, the density is particularly high and the air humidity is particularly high, it is easy to suffocate the plants. So after watering, be sure to open the cover and put it in a well ventilated place. You can also match a mini ventilation fan in the fish tank to solve this problem.

For the mini moss fairy garden, the soil at the bottom also needs to see the principle of dry and wet. If the lid is covered, there is an aerosol on the glass wall without spraying.